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Getting it Right (Inaugural Ball, Pt. Six)

So is it snobbish* to want people to truly understand and wear correct black tie?  They don’t do it because it costs too much?  It’s too much trouble?  They just don’t know, partly because the salesmen don’t know diddly squat … Continue reading

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The Ball (Inaugural Ball, Pt. Four)

The Walter E. Washington Convention Center is very large.  It has three stories and six rooms.  The two balls, the Commander in Chief Ball and the Inaugural Ball were both in the same building at roughly the same time.  The … Continue reading

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Logistics (Inaugural Ball, Pt. Three)

To get to the ball, we hired a driver whom we’ve hired in the past.  He would drive us down, wait around for us, and take us home.  We weren’t sure about how bad the traffic might be caused by … Continue reading

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Black Tie – What Does That Mean, Really? (Inaugural Ball, Pt. Two)

In the meantime, I started researching black tie and what that actually meant.  I had an inkling, but no real facts.  I found this site:  http://www.blacktieguide.com.  Thus began my detailed education on “black tie”.  For instance, black tie is often … Continue reading

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Inaugural Ball 2013, Part One

These will be my impressions and thoughts about attending the Presidential Inaugural Ball, January 21, 2013.  They will not necessarily be in any kind of order, but more like rambling thoughts.  Although I have done it chronologically because that makes … Continue reading

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